My video game backlog (as of 20th July, 2012)

Writing for Rocket Chainsaw has been keeping me quite busy this month, with my reviews for Project Zero 2: Wii Edition and London 2012 going live in the last week, as well as a preview for Toybox. I’ve got a couple more to go, but these are the games I want to finish/start playing as soon as I’m done with what’s currently on my plate:


  • Lollipop Chainsaw: I would have finished up with this game much earlier, but that Gondola part is upsetting in how badly it is designed.
  • Pandora’s Tower: I haven’t played nearly enough as I would have liked, but I’m really enjoying what I have so far.


  • Rule of Rose: I finally got my hands on a legit copy, so I can’t wait to dive right into this one.
  • Nier: I bought the “World of Recycled Vessel” DLC, so I figured, why not take it from the top again before giving that a shot?
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: A 3DS game!

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